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How can I help?

Donating your device is simple, fast and free:

Step 1

Register below and we’ll send you a pre-paid envelope

Step 2

Put the phone or tablet in the envelope and send it back

Step 3

We’ll wipe all data, restore factory settings, then send it to its new home

Get started

If possible, include the Manufacturer, Make, Model and IMEI number e.g. Apple, iPhone XR. The IMEI is your phone or tablet’s serial number. To find it dial *#06# on your device – and you’ll see the number on screen

The data you provide in this form won’t be shared or used for any purpose other than sending you a pre-paid envelope. Any device you send us will be wiped of all data, and restored to factory settings before we send it on.

Vodafone Tech Appeal

Donate as a business

Email us with the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Number, size and weight of boxes to collect
  • Preferred collection date

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