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Smart Living | 05 Mar 2021

New Vodafone Pro Broadband: Unbreakable broadband at an unbeatable price

The new Pro home broadband plans include Super WiFi, WiFi Xperts and Broadband Back-up to ensure you can always get online.

Vodafone UK has revamped its home broadband plans, bringing them under the new Vodafone Pro Broadband banner.

No matter the speed of your chosen plan – Superfast, Ultrafast or Gigafast – all Pro Broadband plans have several new features designed to ensure both a consistently reliable WiFi signal in every room of your home and a rock-steady internet connection.

All Pro Broadband plans come with Super WiFi wireless range boosters. Equipped with auto-optimising software that works in unison with the Vodafone router’s Intelligent WiFi feature, they are designed to detect and work around any wireless congestion to ensure a reliable WiFi signal.

If you don’t receive wireless coverage throughout your home, you can end your contract without penalty.

Xperts on tap

If you ever need help you can turn to the new dedicated team of WiFi Xperts. This highly trained squad of expert engineers proactively monitor the network and will contact customers to resolve any issues. They’ll also contact all new customers within the first 10 days of their service to ensure that everything has been set up to their satisfaction.

In the unlikely event of an issue affecting the connection between your Vodafone router and your local telephone exchange, the router’s Broadband Back-up feature – a USB dongle that plugs in to the router – will seamlessly switch over to Vodafone’s award-winning 4G network.

By integrating more features and services all in one place it will help accelerate the shift towards convergence

(Paolo Pescatore, PP Foresight)

There’ll be a usage limit of 50GB, which the WiFi Xperts team can increase if needs be, which should be ample while normal service is restored.

Upgrade promise

Vodafone Pro Broadband customers who can only receive Superfast speeds where they live, but want the benefits of full-fibre services such as Ultrafast and Gigafast when they become available, will be upgraded to full fibre for free with Vodafone’s Faster Fibre Promise.

“By integrating more features and services all in one place it will help accelerate the shift towards convergence,” says Paolo Pescatore, technology, media and telecoms analyst at PP Foresight.

“This customer-centric approach will resonate strongly right now.”

By the end of 2021, around three million homes will be able reap the benefits of full fibre – a significant milestone just three years after the start of the roll-out in Milton Keynes.

Alternatively, Vodafone UK also offers Gigacube mobile broadband as well as Broadband plans without the benefits of Pro Broadband.

Click here for the full Vodafone Pro Broadband press release.

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