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Integrate with different business applications

Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral gives you a greater degree of flexibility, business continuity and reliability — ensuring that even if your Microsoft Teams service is unavailable, telephony is unaffected — and your organisation can continue to communicate.

Enjoy a single-platform strategy led by Microsoft

Turn Microsoft Team into a single solution for all your calling and collaboration needs. Make and receive external calls from any Teams-enabled device, anywhere with an internet connection.

Introducing Vodafone Direct Routing


Enable truly flexible working

Boost productivity

Ensure security and reliability

Cloud iconBe future-ready

Cloud iconSimplify management

Cloud iconMake the move easily

Cloud iconGet real value for money

“In 2021, more than half of office
employees will still work from home.”

CSS Insights, 2020

Use case

How Vodafone Direct Routing helped Bauer Media Group

The business

Bauer Media Group is one of the world’s largest privately-owned media businesses with media assets all over the globe.

The challenge

In the UK, Bauer have over 30 sites all with disparate telephone systems and multiple ISDN circuits. Not only does this ramp up high costs, it’s also extremely time-consuming and complex to manage from an IT and operations point of view.

The solution and benefits

Vodafone's Direct Routing experts helped navigate the complexities Bauer was facing and ensured the best fit approach for their business and its users.

The solution reduced all the complexity for IT and operations by consolidating and unifying Bauer's UK comms environment through the Microsoft Teams platform and providing a single solution for all their employees' calling and collaboration needs.

Vodafone also offers Bauer Media Group cost savings by reducing the need for a dedicated phone system and providing an end-to-end voice service – removing costs of administering complex infrastructure components.

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How Vodafone Direct Routing helped Bauer Media Group

Key product features

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PSTN integration

Direct Routing technology allows you to make and receive external telephone calls across all your Teams-enabled devices.

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Ringing across devices

Each user is assigned a unique telephone number which can be configured to ring on multiple devices at once.

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Managed service options

As your single vendor, Vodafone will provide your end-to-end voice service – removing costs of administering complex infrastructure components.

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Robust security

Multi-tenant Session Border Controller (SBC) platform protects your estate from unauthorised access and make sure only your users have access to make and receive calls.

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As a public cloud-based solution (Microsoft Azure), you only require an internet connection. No capital investment in on-site hardware required.

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Single contact directory

Enjoy the ability to quickly and easily search and contact users across your entire Microsoft estate.

Why Vodafone

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A better voice experience

Built with enterprise-class performance firmly in mind, our service is designed to follow Microsoft best practice

Movement icon

An easier move

We have a strong heritage in Microsoft Unified Communications solutions with the experience and expertise to support your entire Microsoft Teams migration process

Acceleration icon

A supported digital transformation journey

As a leading Technology Communications partner, we can help fast-track your digital transformation

Let's talk

Next steps

For companies with 50+ employees, we can audit your existing environment, understand what licences you have in place already and advise how best to optimise your approach moving forward. To do this, we can book in a follow-up meeting with our experts .

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