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News | 22 Jul 2020

Great British Tech Appeal: Barnardo’s and British Red Cross begin distributing devices

In May, Vodafone UK joined forces with charities Barnardo’s, British Red Cross and SafeLives to launch ‘The Great British Tech Appeal’ – a scheme that helps disadvantaged children, families and charity workers get connected using donated phones and tablets.

Since launching to the British public and businesses earlier this year, the Appeal has received more than 1,000 handsets from across the nation, and has seen 3,000-plus donation kits ordered by the British public.

Charity partners Barnardo’s, British Red Cross and SafeLives have already begun distributing these repurposed handsets and tablets.

There could be up to 40 million electronic gadgets no longer used and sitting in people’s drawers in UK homes, according to some reports. The Office for National Statistics says there are 700,000 children aged 11 to 18 who do not have adequate access to a device or connectivity.

As part of a digital takeover, BBC News featured The Great British Tech appeal across numerous radio stations as part of their ‘Make a difference’ campaign. The BBC’s aim is to bridge the digital divide and ensure children are left with the tools they need to continue their education.

Your old phone or tablet really could change a life

(Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK)

How can you help?

Firstly, do you have an old smartphone or tablet that you no longer use? If so, you could be about to change someone’s life. Here are the easy steps you can take to help bridge the digital divide:

  1. Register your details here.
  2. Vodafone UK will send you an envelope to post your device in.
  3. Your device will be wiped, restored and sent to its new home.

It’s really as simple as that. The Appeal is also open to businesses to take part.

The Great British Tech Appeal will finish mid-August, so if you’d like to donate an old device please do so soon.

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