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Power your business with reliable, high-speed internet from The Nation’s Network, Vodafone Business.

Vodafone Business Broadband Pro II

Our most advanced and fastest WiFi technology throughout the office allowing you to move faster and get more done. Pro II Broadband is equipped with our Super WiFi 6E Booster to connect over 150 devices with 4G Broadband Back-up, so you don't lose connectivity when you need it most.

Powered by the latest technology

Our new devices work to strengthen your broadband connection using powerful new 6E technology which opens up a new ‘fast lane’ for your devices, enabling you to enjoy faster speeds and lower latencies throughout your small business.

Low latency and less interference

Perfect for video calls, latency is reduced by up to 75% vs WiFi 5 routers. Think lifelike video calls.

WiFi 5 and 6 networks use two WiFi bands, and with an increasing number of devices connected in your place of work these can become crowded, impacting performance and reliability. WiFi 6E devices make use of the additional new WiFi band, providing greater efficiency and reliability.

Unbreakable broadband

Automatically switch to our mobile 4G network for an unbreakable connection.

Reliable WiFi throughout your business

Eliminate WiFi dead zones and keep more employees and devices connected with Super WiFi boosters.

Worry-free web security

Keep your business safe from security threats with Secure Net, available with Pro II Broadband plans.

Why Business Broadband Pro II?

Our fastest ever speeds

Keep business moving at up to 25x faster than standard broadband with a next generation WiFi 6E router.

Up to 5x more reliable

Eliminates dead zones and keeps more employees connected with Super WiFi boosters.

Expert business support

Our dedicated, UK-based, broadband expert team proactively monitor and fix any issues.

Save over £220** against BT Business on Full Fibre Broadband

Business Broadband Fibre 2 Pro II plans start from £35 (exc. 20% VAT)***

Compare our Broadband plans

Fibre Broadband

Pro II Broadband

Price (for 24-month plan)

From £23 a month (exc. 20% VAT)

From £32.50 a month (exc. 20% VAT)

Full Fibre speeds from 100Mbps

4G back-up

Mesh Super WiFi Extenders

Router type

Vox 3

Ultra Hub WiFi 6E

Expert Business Support

Standard support

Dedicated business support

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