WASHCO improves productivity with the Internet of Things 


  • WASHCO is a commercial laundry equipment company, installing and repairing washing machines and tumble dryers across the UK.

  • The company wished to make their operations more efficient and to become the go-to laundry partner for the commercial industry.

  • WASHCO partnered with Vodafone and Onecom to set up a bespoke Internet of Things (IoT) solution to drive productivity.


WASHCO is an independently owned company that specialises in the installation and maintenance of commercial laundry equipment across the UK. They supply a wide range of washer and dryer brands underpinned by their best-in-class service. They employ their own nationwide team of experts and have direct manufacturer support for the products they offer. Be it a boarding school, a hospital, or a hotel, the company strives to exceed all customer expectations. 

The challenge 

Be the go-to laundry partner  

The sales and managing directors of WASHCO work together to effect change in a traditional industry. Building on their staff, who have over 30 years of direct industry experience, they are dedicated to revolutionising their activities in tangible ways and becoming the partner of choice for commercial customers. 

To scale business, they relentlessly seek innovative solutions. They needed data to improve interactions between their in-house team of expert technicians and engineers and their laundry machines.  

“Vodafone’s IoT platform gave us a stable, secure communication between our washing machines and our portal with a level of technical support and knowledge that we wouldn’t have got anywhere else.”

The solution 

The power of IoT  

WASHCO partnered with Vodafone and Onecom to establish a bespoke IoT solution installed alongside their equipment. By adding sensors and recording devices powered by IoT, engineers can monitor and change machines’ activities and processes in real time. This data capture has substantially improved the interaction of machines with technicians and engineers, who can go straight to the problem and to the right machine and provide the necessary fix. As an additional advantage, the company can power up to 20 machines simultaneously.  

The benefits 

Improved communication and productivity 

Working with Vodafone and Onecom, WASHCO achieved stable and secure communication between their staff members and laundry machines thanks to data-led insights. Real-time information has improved efficiency, productivity, and accelerated decision-making. 

With data at their fingertips, engineers can now provide instant first-hand fixes. Remote monitoring minimises the need for routine maintenance checks, saving time, effort, and money. 

The benefits of IoT 

Optimise business 

IoT can unlock new potential to collect and transmit information in real time. This improves efficiency, accelerates decision-making time and saves money.

Reduce repair time

Remote monitoring and analytics can minimise the need for routine maintenance visits. Engineers can save time by repairing systems remotely.

Transform business 

By giving instant access to information, as well as data-led insights, IoT can help change direction, innovate, and create additional revenue streams. 

Leading the way with innovation 

IoT was the first true big jump into innovation for the laundry equipment company. With the results they have, WASHCO is ready to conquer the entire UK market with their laundry revolution. They have plans in the background and can now focus on new improvement areas.  

“IoT was a real revolution, it wasn’t something we expected to discover,” concludes Paul. 

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