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SMEs Like Me -
An insight into the people powering British small business in 2022

As we emerge from a turbulent two years, the role of SMEs on the frontline of British business is arguably more important than ever before. But how well do we really know the group of individuals who make up this community? What makes them tick? What are their hopes and fears? And how will the experiences of the last two years shape their future?
These questions and more are what prompted us to commission a new piece of research examining the SME landscape. To be honest, it’s long overdue. In 2022, it’s still the norm to lazily consider SMEs as some kind of homogeneous group neatly tagged together by size. The reality is so far away from this – SMEs are as vibrant and as varied as British life itself.
This is why we’ve teamed up with Global Web Index to discover the environmental and behavioural factors that have driven millions of people to either create or join a SME, getting real insight into the individual entrepreneurs and employees behind British SMEs.

SMEs like me

Get an insight into the people that are powering British Small Business in 2022

Discover highlights from our SMEs Like Me report

Meet the eight SME personality types of 2022; which one are you?

By identifying the motivational aspects that are highly prominent within each environmental group, we were able to pinpoint eight distinct SME personality types. Here’s how they line up: Passion Seekers, Lead Players, Sole Not SME, Necessity Entrepreneurs, Career Climbers, Community Builders, The Reassessors, and Ever Presents.

Read the report to explore these personality types in more detail.


Kat Pither launched Yogi Bare in 2016 with a mission to bring eco sensitive products and fun and personality to the yoga world

“I’m not sure I could be more of a Community Builder if I tried – it’s the DNA of my business and community is absolutely what Yogi Bare is about. We’ve built something from scratch and it’s evolving all the time.”

Read more about Kat’s story in the report.

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