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Chat GPT: 5 Ways To Unlock Business Potential

Discover 5 ways Chat GPT can help your business save time and be more productive.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept that powers robots in movies. AI is part of our day-to-day lives and right now the hot topic is Chat GPT.
There’s been some real buzz about Chat GTP in recent months and that got us thinking, if AI is here to stay, how could Chat GPT be used at work? A study by IBM found that 35% of companies reported using AI in their business and about 42% are exploring it. Businesses should think about getting ahead when it comes to AI, before they fall behind.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a free tool, available to all, and is powered by AI technology which can perform a wide range of tasks in a human-like way. The Chat GPT algorithms are super smart and if you’d like to get to know Chat GPT better, it can process language in real-time meaning you can have a conversation and ask questions. In fact, you will often get a response from the chatbot in a matter of seconds, freeing up your diary to focus on more important areas of your business.
‘Isn’t Chat GPT just like Google?’ We hear you ask. While there are some similarities, Chat GPT is a sophisticated chatbot that can understand language, while Google is a powerful search engine designed specifically to forage the internet for information.  You can ask Chat GPT to do things that Google can’t.

Here are a few fun examples:

Chat GPT Google
‘Craft a small menu for a vegan cafe
inLondon, including drinks, breakfast
and lunch options and pricing.’
Time: 17 seconds for 11 menu items
'Vegan cafe menu examples'
‘Create a list of interview questions for
a senior employee at a retail company
interviewing a new Junior Graphic
Time: 31 seconds for 15 detailed questions
'Interview question examples'
‘Tell me specific instructions for how
to start an herb garden’
Time: 21 seconds for a 10-step process
'How to start a herb garden'

Are there any security concerns with Chat GPT?

As with any new technology that’s freely available on the internet, it’s open to exploitation by cybercriminals. Chatbots can be vulnerable to bot takeovers, but AI developers are always evolving and improving security as much as they can.
That said, it’s important to train your employees on how to use Chat GPT safely. You can also use a secure connection when accessing the internet, encrypt sensitive data, and control who has access.

Here are 5 ways you can use Chat GPT at work:

  1. Improve & correct pre-written content

Let’s say you’ve written a blog, newsletter, or article but you want to check it for spelling mistakes, clarity, and tone. Simply ask Chat GPT what you would like it to do and paste in the text you would like it to check. It’s as easy as that.
  1. Ask for ideas

Businesses can use AI as a springboard to bounce ideas off and get some fun and innovative creative prompts. Simply input what you’re looking to achieve, while being as specific as possible, and the chatbot will come back with ideas, feedback, and solutions. For example, ‘give me ideas for fun social media posts about summertime.’
  1. Drafting emails

AI is a time-saving communication tool. Ask Chat GPT to draft an email, and make sure to include key points. Check the email over, as AI isn’t perfect, and you want to ensure the email still sounds like it’s coming from you.
  1. Summarising information

Chat GPT is great for taking a long email, meeting notes, or a brief (to name a few examples) and summarising it into key points and action items. Save time and get right to the point.
  1. Creative Briefs

Sometimes it can be hard to get your ideas down on paper. AI can help bring all your ideas together into a creative brief document with a clear objective. You can use your company template or ask AI to generate one for you. Just be sure to be very specific with your needs, so the chatbot can produce the best possible brief for you.
Chat GPT can do all this and so much more; we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s a great time-saving solution for businesses but needs to be used appropriately to ensure your brand doesn’t sound too robotic. Pun intended. Put some time aside to have a go with Chat GPT and see all the amazing things it can do to help your business.

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