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IoT applications across industries

Discover the transformative potential of IoT technology across industries. Benefits for smart agriculture, retail innovation, healthcare or hospitality.

Engage employees in sustainability with WWF

Find out how to create a culture of sustainability in your office. Explore ideas for engaging employees in eco-friendly practices such as travel reduction.

Boost your SME with AI customer support: benefits, tools & implementation

Discover how AI can enhance your SME’s customer service. Learn about the benefits, tools, and steps to implementing AI-driven support.

How to measure customer experience for SMEs

Learn to measure customer experience (CX) for SMEs. Explore essential metrics like NPS, CSAT, CES, FRT, ART or FCR to enhance customer satisfaction.

Reduce your digital carbon footprint with WWF

Discover practical ways to reduce your digital carbon footprint. Learn how to optimise email, use green hosting and adopt sustainable technology habits.

What IoT devices does your business need?

Discover how IoT devices can revolutionise small businesses by increasing efficiency, boosting productivity and providing a competitive edge.

How to respond to negative reviews for SMEs

Negative customer reviews can be an opportunity. Learn how to respond by making the most of them and minimising the negative impact.

Business emissions reporting with WWF

Learn about the importance of emissions reporting and how it can help your organisation reduce its carbon footprint with Vodafone UK and WWF.

Decoding IoT jargon for small business owners

Confused by IoT, M2M, and Big Data? Our concise guide demystifies the jargon, offering clarity on how these technologies can transform your small business.

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