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Explore Transport

“Getting new depots up and running
should take hours, not days.”

David Cox – MD Explore Transport

We help you get up and running from day one, without the need to wait for on-site infrastructure, thanks to our secure Cloud and Hosting solutions.

Case study: Explore Transport video

Explore Transport is a specialist provider of transport and plant hire, with a fleet of 150 vehicles and 300 staff around the UK.

Communication between the office-based co-ordinators and the drivers out on the road is vital to the efficient running of the business. Especially given the large scale of some of their projects, which has seen them deliver materials to several of the largest construction sites in the country.

Explore Transport not only wanted a telematics solution to track deliveries and monitor empty mileage and revenue-per-vehicle of its trucks, but also a solution that its staff could use to answer calls at any time, from different locations.

Using Vodafone One Net, Explore Transport can operate 24 hours a day. Meanwhile Cloud and Hosting is paired with a telematics solution which can track vehicles and monitor equipment.

Having all of those people joined up and communicating is absolutely key to running the business and enabling us to grow.

David Cox – co-founder and manager of Explore Transport

We’re supporting Explore Transport with our More than Mobile solutions and we can support your business too.

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“Every fire is unpredictable. The equipment used to fight them can’t be.”

Mike Madsen – MD Emergency One

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Donna – CareTech

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