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Emergency One

“Every fire is unpredictable. The equipment
used to fight them can’t be.”

Mike Madsen – MD Emergency One

Our market leading Internet of Things network makes it possible for fire engines to be monitored remotely

Case study: Emergency One video

Emergency One are the UK’s leading manufacturer of fire, rescue and emergency vehicles and equipment. When they wanted to use the latest technology to ensure their products are safer and more reliable, they came to us.

They wanted to track their fire engines, monitor fuel and water efficiency, and check all equipment was operational and available. Plus, the firefighters needed to have access to WiFi so they could stream fire footage or issue public safety warnings while out in the field.

We put a SIM into all our technology and Vodafone’s resilient network allows us to connect them and access them remotely. That is how a fire engine becomes a connected fire engine.

Elliott Boyce – Project Manager, Emergency One

Vodafone IoT-enabled SIM cards installed in the fire engines allow them to stay connected to the internet. Emergency One can now track its fleet at all times with RFID-tagging and telematics systems. By using smart Internet of Things SIM cards, Emergency One can remotely assess the status of equipment, predict and repair faults, monitor water levels and more. And the WiFi connected fire engines make it easy for firefighters to communicate critical safety messages to the public.

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