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Forward thinking businesses realise that their most important innovations come from a combination of both technological advances and improved working practices. Whether you work from home, on a smartphone or tablet or in an office – the pace of change is hard to escape.

We explore these challenges facing UK PLC today in The Perspective series. It brings together our own research and a rich blend of wider expert perspectives to give business leaders a balanced but comprehensive opinion around the changing business landscape all in one place.

Key focus areas for a changing world

The new IT crowd

The new IT crowd

Rapid innovation in technology has catapulted businesses like yours into a new age, making IT central to success. We examine how the evolved IT Manager and Director need more than just product knowledge – they need to be strategic troubleshooters at the heart of your organisation.

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Collaboration and globalisation

Rigid boundaries are breaking down, both at home and in the workplace. We're calling this the 'Fluid Society'. Connecting these once distinct elements of life is technology. This report explores globalisation, shared government services, and workplace collaboration.

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4G reinventing the workplace

In today's society, we expect everything instantly. It's the same for business. That's why many are calling this a new era, the 'age of me'. Mobile technology is at the heart of this – it's changing the way we talk to our customers, citizens and employees. There's a demand for information at a touch of a button.

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Business continuity

Whatever sector you work in, the challenges of an unpredictable global economy make managing risk a priority for your organisation. The inter-connected world mean risks are more complex, and the repercussions harder to predict.

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Flexible working

Whatever challenges your industry faces – having more flexible ways of working can make your staff more fulfilled and productive. Learn how to use our technology to transform the way you work.

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Customer service

It's never been easier for customers to access companies and the public sector. Fuelled by changes in how they use the internet and the rising role of social media, they expect certain levels of support. And armed with our collection of reports and videos, you can learn how to tailor your future customer service to meet those expectations.

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