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The Perfect Storm

In today’s economy we’ve come to expect everything “now”. Our expert contributors share their thoughts on this new era of business, and how mobile technology can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Leading the way

Based on interviews with 11 of the UK’s top CEOs, we explore modern CEO leadership to uncover the impact of technology on working practices and the skills required to be a great leader.

Millennials breathing new life into the workforce

We explore the impact Millennials are having on SMEs and HR managers tasked with recruiting this first generation of ‘digital natives’ – and the expectations that Millennials have for flexibility in the workplace.

Hiring for the future

With new ideas, motivations and preferences, centennials could make businesses rethink the way they hire employees.

Is your business having a digital emergency?

It’s time to declare a digital state of emergency. Small businesses need to take action and unleash the powers of digital in your workplace

Better space makes for Better people

What works for one person might not be the best environment for another and can have a direct impact on productivity levels for the business.

Unleashing the Mega Trends

We explore how Big Data and the Internet of Things are transforming businesses, with insights and tips on how adopting technology can help your service or business grow.

Building a stronger & fairer London

The London Community Foundation (LCF) connects people who need help with those who are willing to give.

Fluid society

We explore how technology is bringing the world together, with insights and tips on how unified communications can help your business grow.

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