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Great expectations in hard times

Perspective series

Providing excellent service in the public sector isnt just about improving the way your service department operates.

Crucially, it’s also about how you deliver services in the community, in homes and on the streets.

Our report provides essential guidance for any public sector organisation seeking to understand what their citizens really want from them. We reveal that while the standards and expectations of customer service are not likely to alter over the next 10 years, the way that people want to interact with your customer service operations will.

Whether it’s by phone, email, online or through social media, this report sets out a blueprint for delivering excellent citizen services in the future. It looks at how to make timeless customer values stand up in the new world of social media and increasingly tech-savvy citizens, with expert insights and in-depth case studies from those on the frontline.

The facts

43 percent

43% of citizens surveyed said they find it hard to access services from public sector organisations in the ways they want. Younger citizens aged 18-24 in particular want to use social media more often for customer service.

56 percent

When asked to list the top five things that matter most in a service experience, 56% of citizens surveyed ranked issues being resolved satisfactorily as their main concern.

49 percent

49% of citizens have contacted their local council in the past year. The five most common reasons for doing so (apart from housing) all relate to the environment – including refuse, recycling and the general appearance of their local area.

7/10 fraction symbol

The typical council responds pretty well to these types of enquiries – the average score given to a council’s customer service is 7 out of 10.

Don’t just take our word for it

Great expectations in hard times – the full report

The Great expectations in hard times report brings together perspectives on the frontline of service in the public sector and, most importantly, the opinions of citizens who use it. They share insights into what you need to consider to ensure that your future investments in customer service are targeted, focused and successful.

Keeping citizens satisfied

We’ve highlighted the key findings from our research in an infographic that shows what citizens really value when it comes to customer service. Explore what they want, how they want to connect with you, and the five golden rules of public sector customer service.

Five practical tips towards a better citizen service future

Although there’s no magic formula for better service, especially in the public sector, our contributors recommend five broad areas for you to focus on.

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