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Leading the way

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Today’s CEOs lead their organisations through a period of flux. As working patterns and expectations shift, we’re seeing the continued loss of hierarchical structures leading to an increased emphasis on collaboration.

There are few clearly signposted routes to the top, but there are many interesting and inspiring routes. This is impacting the skillsets of modern CEOs who must now possess the ability to engage, inspire and empower an entire workforce – perhaps the most important traits for running a successful modern company.

Alongside this, the leaders of today are becoming increasingly fluent in technological transformation as they seek to centre their business’ operations, communications and customer engagement on digital channels.

Based on interviews with 11 of the UK’s top CEOs, this report explores modern CEO leadership to uncover the impact of technology on working practices and the skills required to be a great leader. What was discovered is fascinating.

The facts


The top 250 CEOs at UK Plc have attended over 100 different Universities, studying everything from Economics and Law to Psychology and Anthropology.

Don’t just take our word for it

Leading the way

Technology supports a more empowered and connected workforce

Andy Ransom, CEO of leading pest control company Rentokil Initial, explains that all staff must be aware of new technology.

Leading the way – the full report

The world of big business is transforming rapidly, so too is its leadership. In our report, CEOs from Virgin Atlantic, Rank Group, Welcome Break and more share insight on the journey to the top – and the role digital technology has for the future.

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