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Supporting Men's Mental Health in Your Business

Explore how digital tools can break the stigma, provide resources, and support your male colleagues with their mental health.


Supporting mental health

We all know that health and wellbeing are really important in the workplace. But let's be honest, talking about mental health can still be tricky. Even in smaller companies where we're all pretty close, we're often experts at putting on a brave face and pretending everything's fine.
It's especially true for men who feel they always need to be strong in public or hesitate to share their feelings. There's this misguided belief that opening up somehow makes them weak, when actually, it takes a lot of courage.

But with men 4x more likely to commit suicide than women, and less likely to say when they're feeling depressed or anxious, supporting men’s mental health at work is an absolute must.
These digital tools can help make workplace men’s health support a key part of your wellbeing strategy.

Health and wellbeing guides

Create digital guides or resources specifically tailored to men's health and wellbeing. If you don’t have the knowledge yourself, team up with health experts. Cover mental health support, stress management techniques and work-life balance, as well as physical fitness and nutrition for an all-in-one men’s health guide.

Online health platforms

Platforms like Peppy Health and HeadsUpGuys offer men digital access to specialists, health advice, and confidential support through video consultations or online chat. Raise awareness by highlighting them on your intranet or other media. You could even include a subscription or membership as an employee benefit. 

Mental health resources

Digital tools can also provide other support like mental health assessments, meditation apps like Headspace, stress-reduction techniques, or online therapy. For more local help and suggestions, check out Spur.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

As a key part of your employee benefits package, EAPs can be really effective in fixing problems before they start. Choose one that offers confidential digital tools and resources like 24/7 remote GPs, counselling services, online support groups, and stress management. And don't forget to make sure everyone knows about it. Research suggests only half of employees fully understand their benefits.

Mental health days and flexitime

We’ve all got responsibilities. Childcare, elder care, healthcare appointments – the list goes on. Juggling all this with work can sometimes get overwhelming. By promoting mental health days or being flexible with hybrid working or adjusted hours, you can ease the pressure and inspire a healthy work-life balance.

Virtual workshops and training

Team up with experts to create online sessions offering practical tips on men’s wellbeing. Think stress management, mindfulness, better sleep, and work-life balance. Interactive sessions work best.

Open communication

There's still some stigma around mental health, so create confidential, welcoming spaces where men can talk openly about their concerns with HR or a manager – without feeling judged. And highlight how important mental wellbeing at work is by taking part in organised initiatives like World Mental Health Day.

Where mental health’s a normal topic of conversation, people are more comfortable asking for support.

Remember, building a healthy environment needs an all-round approach. With the right tools in place, you can create a workplace culture that supports health and happiness – for everyone. 

Men’s Health Month

Discover more about Men’s Health Month here, and get access to all sorts of resources to help you raise awareness in your business.

For more support on men’s mental health and how they can be supported in the workplace, you can also speak to one of our V-Hub Digital Advisers by phone.


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