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Cost of living | 14 Dec 2022

Cost of living: How Vodafone can support you in 2023

From low-cost broadband and mobile plans, to getting the most out of your current package, here’s how you can make the most of being with Vodafone.

As most of us are grappling with the cost of living crisis, it’s good to know Vodafone has a range of great value products and services that can help households make their budgets go further in 2023.

Internet at home: Vodafone Essentials Broadband

These days internet access is an everyday essential, just like any other utility. So Vodafone Essentials Broadband brings fast, reliable and affordable home broadband to anyone receiving one of several state benefits, as well as to existing Vodafone customers identified as financially vulnerable.

The service lasts for 12 months, with download speeds of up to 73Mbps. There are no in-contract price rises and you can leave at any time, without penalty.

Learn more about Vodafone Essentials Broadband, including eligibility and how to sign up.

Vodafone Essentials Broadband: Everything you need to know

As the cost of living crisis continues, Vodafone is offering a ‘social broadband tariff’ of £20 a month so the financially vulnerable can still get WiFi and internet access at home. Here’s what you need to know.

Mobile SIM-only: VOXI For Now

Having mobile phone service is just as important as home broadband, whether you need it for work, education or just for keeping in touch with friends and family.

The VOXI For Now social tariff includes unlimited mobile data, as well as unlimited calls and texts – all for just £10 a month, for up to six months. This terrific value when you consider that it would normally cost £35 a month.

There’s no credit check and it has the same eligibility criteria as Vodafone Essentials Broadband.

Learn more about VOXI For Now, including eligibility and how to sign up.

Vodafone enhances VOXI For Now social tariff to boost support for those in financial hardship

The VOXI For Now tariff, on Vodafone’s VOXI brand, will give unlimited 5G data, calls and texts for just £10 a month to anyone receiving benefits.

NHS discount

National Health Service and ambulance service employees can get 25% off selected Pay Monthly phone contracts as well as 15% off SIM-only mobile plans and tablet plans.

Learn more about the NHS discount.

Spend Manager and contract notifications

If you want to keep tabs on how much you spend on your mobile service, Spend Manager can help.

Accessed through the My Vodafone app or website, you can use it to set spending limits on charges such as those for international calls and picture messages.

Not all out-of-plan charges are covered by Spend Manager though, so be sure to check what is and isn’t included when you’re setting it up.

When your contract nears its end, you’ll get a ‘Best Tariff’ notification telling you about the best deals available so you can make an informed choice.

Questions about bills and extra support

If you need copies of your bills, past and present, you can also get these by using My Vodafone.

And If you’re struggling to pay your bill, Vodafone will find ways to support you.

Get in contact by phone or webchat, or by visiting a Vodafone UK store.

How to contact and complain to Vodafone UK customer care

Some customer issues are easy to sort out for yourself, but if you need get help from Vodafone, here's how.

Additional lines/plans

Discounts are available to households with more than one Vodafone service.

If you add any additional eligible mobile, tablet, MiFi or dongle plans to your account, each of those plans will benefit from a 15% discount.

With Vodafone Together, you’ll get a discount if you have both home broadband and a Pay Monthly mobile contract from Vodafone.

Useful extras

Many Vodafone services come with helpful, value-packed extras.

VeryMe Rewards, available to most Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go mobile customers, is jammed full of money-saving discounts and giveaways.

To explore the ever-changing selection, tap on VeryMe in the My Vodafone app.

VOXI plans come with Endless Social as well as Endless Video and/or Endless Music (depending on which plan you choose) so you can use many popular social media and streaming entertainment apps without eating into your main mobile data allowance, making it go further.

If you have an eligible Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile plan, you can add streaming entertainment to it for a low monthly fee.

YouTube Premium, for example, is more than it appears – it includes a huge library of streaming music in YouTube Music Premium alongside all the enhanced video features. This effectively makes it two services in one.

If your phone’s battery is tired and you’re on a Vodafone EVO plan, you can get it replaced at no extra charge thanks to the Battery Refresh benefit. And if you need to get a new handset, you can save big with Vodafone’s new range of refurbished smartphones, all of which are comprehensively spruced up and backed by a two-year warranty.

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