Fixed data, internet and networking solutions

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  • Dedicated Internet Access Dedicated Internet Access

    Dedicated Internet Access

    A high-speed, reliable connection just for your business, so you’ll never have to share or compete with consumer traffic.

  • Vodafone Ethernet Vodafone Ethernet

    Vodafone Ethernet

    Receive multiple voice, video and data services over the same access connection, ideal for extending your Local Area Network (LAN) capability both nationally and globally.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Connect your machines and devices to our mobile network and turn them into intelligent assets, automating your processes and reducing risk, costs, and repair time.

  • LAN solutions LAN solutions

    LAN solutions

    Whether you’re looking to invest in a new LAN or get support for your existing network, we can design, install and manage your equipment and network infrastructure for you.



    Our IP-VPN service gives you a secure private network which works over any internet connection, providing cost effective connectivity with options for remote and mobile access.

  • Vodafone PSN Connect Vodafone PSN Connect

    Vodafone PSN Connect

    Vodafone’s PSN Connect services provide secure access to the pan-government Public Services Network (PSN) Assured and Protected domains.

  • IP VPN Encrypt service IP VPN Encrypt service

    IP VPN Encrypt service

    Our IP-VPN Encrypt service is an easy-to-use solution for UK public limited companies that require extra security for network connectivity that meets network security needs for transmitting classified data.

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