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Vodafone Business has teamed up with Michelle Kennedy, CEO and founder of Peanut, one of the UK’s fastest growing apps to bring you Learning Curve, a series for founders, business leaders and aspiring ones too.

Listen to Michelle, as she speaks to variety of guests on the areas that shape business success, to help you grow and develop yours.

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Episode 4 - Creating a Great Workplace Culture - Bruce Daisley, Work Culture Expert

Work culture is a term we hear all the time but what does a healthy culture actually look like? Today we speak to Bruce Daisley, who was instrumental in setting up and running Twitter in Europe, Middle East and Africa and responsible for the development of Google in Europe too. As a published author, his second book on work culture is called Fortitude, so we called on Bruce to share some wisdom on the topic and give us a little insight on what it’s really like to move from start-up, to scale-up to a bigger organisation. Be sure to also check out his podcast, Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat, where he talks more about the ins and outs of work culture.

Episode 3 - Protecting your Business - Yvonne Bajela, Financial Expert

The joy that is financial planning is today’s topic on Learning Curve. We’re joined by Yvonne Bajela; venture capital partner, investor and all round financial expert. With her breadth of experience, she sits on various boards such as Innovate Finance and in 2020 she was listed on the Forbes ‘30 Under 30 Europe’ Finance list.

Today we talk investments, Yvonne’s business journey and of course some much-needed advice on taking that first investment step and making the right financial decisions.

Episode 1 - Brand & Community - Elfried Samba, co-founder of Butterfly 3ffect

What does marketing in the modern era look like? In this episode we explore brand marketing with Elfried Samba, CEO and Co-founder of creative house, Butterfly 3ffect, and Chief Community Officer at IOCONIC, a blockchain venture studio.

Elfried was formerly head of social and content at Gymshark, where he played a pivotal role in growing the brand's fitness community. From brand and marketing strategies to building great teams; we deep dive into the philosophies Elfried has embodied to help him and the businesses he supports grow.

Episode 2 - Protecting your Business - Graham Cluley, Security & Tech Expert

If you’ve ever thought about cybersecurity, today’s episode is everything you need to know. Graham Cluley joins us with some invaluable advice on protecting your business.

With 20+ years of experience under his belt, Graham talks anti-virus software (he was there when the first one was launched), cyber-crime, phishing and much more. He hosts his very own podcast on the topic, Smashing Security, so we’re more than grateful to get his expertise and chat all things within the world of security.

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