Sustainable & green pensions: WWF guide

Learn how your business can reduce its carbon footprint by choosing a sustainable pension scheme that invests in the future of the planet.


Perhaps sustainability isn’t one of the first words that comes to mind when thinking about pensions. But have you ever wondered how your business could make saving for the future greener?
The way we save money is just as important as where we spend it when it comes to living greener. According to Make My Money Matter, going green with your pension is 21x more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than giving up flying, going veggie and switching energy providers combined. So, by choosing or switching to a green pension provider today, you can help to ensure younger generations have a future to save for.


What is a sustainable pension?

A sustainable pension, or green pension, is a retirement fund that avoids investing in environmentally harmful sectors, like fossil fuels. They are generally offered by companies that consider and actively support green projects such as renewable energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and stopping deforestation and conversion.
Sustainable pension companies use their investments to influence change, so choosing a green pension from a sustainable provider should mean your money is being invested with a view to avoiding environmental harms. 


The impact of having a sustainable pension

Pensions are a powerful financial force with a huge influence on the economy. The money employees and businesses contribute to pension schemes is invested in a variety of different companies - when that investment goes towards companies that don’t value sustainability, it can contribute to social and environmental problems. Reputable green pension providers focus on what makes a pension sustainable and actively invest in organisations that aren’t undermining our planet’s future.

For businesses, it’s important that the pension scheme you offer aligns with your business values. Sustainability should run through your business from top to bottom, but pensions are often missed.
Invest in the future of your business without relying on environmentally damaging practices to be profitable. The UK’s biggest pension provider Nest, reported that 70% of consumers would avoid brand that don't take sustainability seriously.  
Investing in your future
For employees, a green pension can be perceived as lower risk, as money is being invested in companies that are likely to be acting to mitigate climate change and preparing for climate impacts.


How can you implement sustainable pensions?

Not accounting for the carbon footprint caused by their pension scheme is something that businesses often miss. The potential of your pension can be unlocked through a green pension - here’s how you can get started.

  • Talk to your business pension scheme provider about how they invest

  • Involve your employees and discuss what’s important to them in terms of social and environmental issues.

  • Consider implementing green pensions as standard for your employees.

  • Consider consolidating your pensions from previous employment into one green pension.

  • Don’t just stick with what you know. Other providers may have more ethical and sustainable options, so it’s worth researching what’s out there. . 

  • Use your voice! Your business has an extraordinary opportunity to make real changes and encourage millions of people to change their behaviours. Make My Money Matter has a template letter you can use to ask your provider to go green today.

Investment carries risk, and you should always seek independent financial advice on any investment decisions.


Find out more about sustainable pensions

Many businesses can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint by choosing a green pension provider that’s committed to making a positive difference to the planet.  You can find more about switching to a green pension at Make My Money Matter.  
Going green with your pension can create a more sustainable future for everyone by turning the money we save into money that can save the planet. Find out more about sustainable pensions at Make My Money Matter. You can find more tips from WWF on how to make your business more sustainable on the WWF website.
WWF works with businesses of all sizes in many different ways. The Vodafone WWF partnership supports Vodafone’s goals to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2040, help to eliminate e-waste, and encourage a more circular economy for mobile phones. If you feel inspired to see how your business can join forces with WWF, reach out to them at
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