Vodafone Business & RingCentral Unified Communications

Elevate your business communications with a unified solution that seamlessly integrates advanced calling, meetings, messaging, and video features into your daily operations.

Flex your ever-changing workplace needs

Reimagine your mobile experience with a business-grade service that embeds rich phone system features into your mobile phone. Vodafone Business UC delivers an immersive experience for employees, enhancing communication and collaboration for all.  From desk phone to smartphone, communicate seamlessly across your devices.

Integrating hundreds of business applications**, the service can be used anywhere with mobile coverage. Enjoy more choice and simplicity than ever before in how you work, serve customers, manage digital transformation, and become truly omnichannel. 

The working world is changing

Cloud strategy

63% of workers prefer flexible or remote working. An efficient cloud strategy is critical.***

Essential integrated solutions

175 apps are used on average by an employee in a large business. Integrated solutions are a core need.****

Cloud based licenses

74% of new unified communications licenses purchased by organisations are cloud based.*****

Key benefits of a Unified Communications platform

Create your Vodafone Business UC solution

See how easy it is to build a service that fits your business. Select a core licence, enhance the solution with add-ons and decide how you'd like to deploy and pay for your service.

Case studies

Resources & FAQs

Learn more about Vodafone Business & RingCentral Unified Communications. 


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Why Vodafone for your unified communications

One platform

Built to accommodate many different workstyles and user needs – all on a common platform.

Tailored solutions

Flexibility to select the capabilities you need now, and readily add new services and users over time.

Incremental benefits

Make use of legacy investments and seek out existing contracts while realising incremental benefits.

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