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Vodafone Business Premier

A Ready Business has a bespoke plan

Vodafone Business Premier is a plan made for your business. It’s been designed specifically to allow you to focus on doing what you do best, safe in the knowledge that we have your communications covered.

It’s available in five different tiers, each with additional features to give extra value for your business, including free calls home from Europe, free international calls from the UK and damage insurance. You’ll also get a dedicated, named Vodafone Prime Contact whose focus is to give you the dedicated support your business needs.

Red Sharer  
Red Sharer

Business plans with shared data

A Ready Business has smart ways to share data.

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, our Sharer plans allow you to share data across users within your business. And you’ll pay less than you would with individual plans.
With Vodafone Business Vodafone Plus and Vodafone Advance you can pool all your employees’ data and share it flexibly throughout your organisation with. Or for smaller businesses, Vodafone Red+ lets you share one data allowance with up to 10 people or devices.


Vodafone 4G for business

A Ready Business has fast, reliable coverage.

4G is reinventing the workplace, becoming an essential tool to meet the changing expectations of your customers and employees.

In an economy where speed and flexibility are considered the new currency, it’s more important than ever to have the information you want, wherever and whenever you need it. With a fast and reliable connection, Vodafone 4G for business can help your organisation do more.

Man using phone  
Man using phone

Worry-free Roaming for business

A Ready Business expands its horizons, not its bill.

With Worry-free Roaming you can take your home price plan with you when you travel and use your UK data, minutes and texts abroad for just £3 a day in our Europe Zone, or £5 a day in our World Zone.

That means you’re free to communicate, collaborate and access all the information you need while abroad. It’s the simplest way to enjoy peace of mind, helping you to do business globally while keeping your costs firmly in one place.

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Fixed network

A Ready Business stays in control with a dependable fixed network.

You’re always at the end of the phone for your customers with a flexible choice of analogue and digital business phone lines to suit your individual needs. There’s no need to change your number or update your systems. And with our range of call plans, features and packages, you could save money too.

We can also deliver high-speed, reliable broadband services to help your business do more. With Dedicated Internet Access, you’ll benefit from a connection dedicated to our business customers, meaning you won’t have to share or compete with consumer traffic.

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