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IoT makes your assets smarter – and your business more successful.

Transform your business with customised IoT solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices connected through the internet. IoT devices help you collect, monitor and analyse data more closely.

Use IoT to create powerful customer experiences, design better products and improve business efficiency.

IoT Smart Solutions

Smart Connectivity

Our IoT network can create WiFi hotspots in remote locations with Smart Hub. Using our industry-leading machine-to-machine network, Smart Hub technology can find a signal anywhere. 

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Fleet Analytics and Management

Improve driver and vehicle safety on the road with real-time feedback from our built-in tracking devices. Keep your fleet safe by remotely monitoring vehicles and using driver authorisation.

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City Vision

Boost passenger safety, detect intrusions and have crowd control with City Vision - delivering high-resolution footage and resilient against cyber threats with end-to-end encryption. 

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Bodyworn Vision

Front-line operations demand live access to video feeds and our bodyworn cameras can deliver reliable, real-time streaming – wherever the location, whatever the network conditions. 

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Smart Camera

Transform your business by using Vodafone’s Smart Camera to access visual data in real time - increasing efficiency, improving health and safety and enhancing customer experience.

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The benefits of IoT and smart technology

Optimise your business

The Internet of Things can unlock new potential in your assets to collect and transmit business information in real time. This can help you improve efficiency, accelerate decision-making time and save money.

Delight your customers

Using customer data that you collect from IoT applications can help understand customer needs. It lets you develop and improve products and services to offer better customer experience.

Improve sustainability and save money

Smart buildings enable you to use real-time data to optimise your energy consumption for heating, air conditioning and lighting. As well as saving money, this can reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

Reduce maintenance costs

Remote monitoring and analytics can minimise the need for routine maintenance visits. You can maintain and repair your systems remotely - your engineers and service teams can manage their time more efficiently.

Transform your business

By giving you instant access to information and data-led insights, the Internet of Things can help you change direction, innovate and create additional revenue streams. This includes finding new ways to deliver services to and using up-to-date, usage-based charging models.

Stay on the right side of the law

Connected technologies can help you comply with new regulations affecting the movement of people and goods. They can also help with sustainability, data compliance, and the safety of your workers and customers.

Here’s how IoT is helping our customers thrive

IoT helps businesses deliver greater value, service and support when and where it's needed. Our IoT solutions range from fleet management software and smart cities to IoT connected devices and environmental research.

IoT solutions help businesses:

Get easy access

Access the information from your smart devices on a computer or app, wherever and whenever you need it.

Collect data

Collect statistics on behaviour patterns and view them in a highly visual way.

Improve customer experience

Use these insights to discover new business opportunities, improve efficiency and deliver improved customer experience.

Receive real-time alerts

Use algorithms to spot unusual activities or trends and get real time alerts.

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Customised IoT solutions and connected devices

Embrace the potential of connected devices to tackle any challenge and bring your organisation into an IoT-led future.

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