Distributed Multi-Access Edge Computing for business

Transform your cloud network with Vodafone Business and AWS to give your business the edge it needs.

Make next-generation experiences a reality

Deliver experiences that were once impossible with Distributed Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), enabling innovation at the edge of the network. Imagine real-time insights at the edge of emergency networks that can save lives, or serving up amazing synchronised social experiences. Achieve real-time response rates and avoid latency or data congestion issues. MEC uses cloud computing situated at the edge of the 4G/5G network, delivering real-time decision-making. 

Key features


4G and 5G enabled, aggregated data across multiple SIM deployments. Flexibility of 30-day rolling and 12-month terms.

User-friendly portal

A self-service portal providing control of your IoT SIM estate. Visualise data usage, order and manage SIMs.

Service reporting

Stay in control with automated notification alerts of data usage across your account.

Low latency access

Connectivity to the platform using Vodafone’s dedicated low latency APN.

Bringing the incredible to life

The benefits of Distributed MEC

Agility and flexibility of public cloud

Low latency with the security of on-premises gateways

Multiple workloads and less computing power used

Explore cloud insights

Edge Innovation Programme 

Join a growing community of innovators – test new use cases and roll out smart services and products with Vodafone’s Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). 

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Mobile Innovation of the Year 2022

Vodafone won ‘Mobile Innovation of the Year 2022’ at the National Tech Awards for its role in edge computing – a technology for businesses to use cloud computing with mobile and fixed data networks.

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Why Distributed MEC with AWS

Real-time insights

Keep your business a step ahead with real-time insights, enabling you to make decisions faster.

Next-gen user experience

Create incredible next-generation user experiences, bringing your customers to the future, faster.

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