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Industry expertise: Police

By using new technologies, police forces can improve productivity and revolutionise frontline policing. 

Today’s police forces need to work smarter to stay visible on the streets and perform the full extent of their duties despite extensive budget cuts. Having more officers on the beat, able to fully assist victims at the scene of the crime, increases public confidence, enabling stronger relationships with the community and community safety agencies. Putting a smart device in the hands of your officers can do just that.

Our solutions can provide officers with relevant and up-to-date information wherever they are. Officers on the beat can complete tasks like taking fully auditable electronic witness statements up to 15 minutes faster than before, with one police force taking over 7849 electronic witness statements since they implemented the technology. All of this information is sent securely, and saves countless hours of police work by reducing the duplication of data.

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Tackling police challenges


Do more within the community

Smart devices and secure apps can help officers be more productive wherever they are. Accurate electronic witness statements can be taken, crime reports updated and photos of known offenders shared, all while in the field. GPS and geolocation apps can also be used to improve resource management, maximising availability and reducing incident response times.


New ways to reduce costs

Costs can be kept down when officers can do more on their mobile devices. Reducing paperwork not only saves time, carbon emissions and the duplication and printing of work, but you can also reduce underutilised desks and meeting rooms – one force has already saved £200,000 a year by moving staff from two police stations to their headquarters.


Closer collaboration

We’re working with a number of forces that are moving to a shared services model. By collaborating on their use of infrastructure and back-office functions, they save money while improving the services they offer to the public. And when officers can work flexibly in any place at any time, they can work more closely with community safety partners and the public.


Embracing the Public Services Network

As an approved supplier of the Public Services Network (PSN) framework, we can help police forces and public sector organisations make the most of PSN and the ‘network of networks’. The result is increased collaboration between forces and other agencies, improvements in how they interact with the public and savings as a result of efficiency gains.

Reduce court waiting times

‘Live Link’ rooms enable court evidence to be given through secure video conferencing. Police officers no longer spend time commuting unnecessarily to court and can work productively until called to testify – while vulnerable witnesses can provide evidence in a safe environment.

Transforming Frontline service delivery West Midlands Police case study

Vodafone Ready Finance

West Midlands Police describes how secure live video links are transforming the way their force works, enabling them to put officers back on the street.

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