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Our IoT Network and MooCall alerts farmers when a calf is on its way

Fast-track innovation with IoT for business

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings new visibility, understanding and control for businesses.
So, what can it do for you?

Transform lives and business with the Internet of Things

How can our IoT solutions advance your business?

Understanding your assets, managing your people and connecting to your customers are essential to running your business. IoT not only brings you this extra information, it enables you to access it anywhere, anytime. This means you can make more informed and efficient decisions, which could improve or even change the way you run your business.

We’re supporting MooCall with our IoT solutions and we can support your business too.

Choose the right IoT solution for your business

We offer a wide range of high-quality, end-to-end IoT solutions to meet your specific requirements. Here are just a few examples of the practical applications of IoT.

79% of IoT adopters think that IoT will have a sizeable impact on the whole economy in the next 5 years

Source: Vodafone

67% of IoT adopters say their IoT projects are mission-critical to their business

Source: Vodafone

49% of IoT adopters are using IoT and data analytics to support business decision-making

Source: Vodafone

Interested in our Business Solutions? We’re here to support you in a way that’s so much more than mobile.

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The IoT Business Case Advisor

Simple, trusted, scalable IoT. We've brought together a range of materials and information to help you build the case for implementing your IoT solution, based on expert opinion, best practice and the latest technologies.

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