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Moving home with your Home Broadband

Want to take your Vodafone Home Broadband with you when you move? No problem – all you need to do is give us a call. 

We’ll do everything we can to make transferring your account to your new home as smooth as possible. 

Contact us 30 days before you move

Please let us know you’re moving at least 30 days in advance, so we can have your broadband ready for installation on the day you arrive.

Before you call us, you'll need:

Your Vodafone account or landline number


You need to be the registered account holder.

Your new address and moving in/out dates


You must be the property owner or have the owner's permission to set up broadband.

To check you can get broadband at your new address

Search for your new postcode in our availability checker before proceeding.


Call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile to talk to us, or 0333 304 0191 from any other phone (standard call charges apply).

If you're a small business call us for free on 0808 060 0802 to speak to one of our dedicated business advisers.

Don’t forget – you’ll need to bring your current Vodafone router with you to your new home

You can watch our router setup video if you need a reminder about how to connect in your new place.

Moving on without us?

We’re sorry to see you go. To cancel your Home Broadband contract, call us. We’ll need your Vodafone account number and we may ask for proof of your new address. An early termination fee may apply.

If we can’t provide a service at your new place you can cancel without a termination fee

Spread your wings with Gigafast Broadband

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