Returns policies

Returns policy

If you've ordered or bought a Vodafone Pay as you go device, a Pay monthly device and plan and/or the Vodafone Broadband and Home Phone Service (together, the 'Services'), this policy tells you:

  • How you'll receive any mobile device, broadband router, accessories or similar equipment (the 'Equipment') so you can use our Services
  • About our 14-day returns policy
  • How to return the Equipment or cancel a plan
  • What to do if you've damaged the Equipment, or forgotten to disable a security feature
  • How to let us know if your device is faulty

1. Our 14-day returns policy

Our returns policy gives you 14 days to change your mind, whatever the reason and you can cancel or return your order within 14 days from when you receive the order. Other charges may apply to use the Services until you cancel your order.

Our 14-day returns policy doesn't apply to:

  • Pay as you go services – although you'll be able to return the mobile device
  • Business customers – speak to your account manager or Prime Contact for details
  • Digital products and unsealed software – such as music and games which have been unsealed, downloaded or used (unless the products are faulty (see section 7. Faulty products)
  • Equipment ordered from another company – like Argos or Carphone Warehouse. You'll have to go back to them to find out what to do

2. How do I cancel my order?

To make a claim under our 14-day returns policy, you'll need to tell us that you want to cancel your Service(s).

Mobile equipment and services returns

To confirm your cancellation contact us on 03333 040 191. Standard call charges apply. You can also write to us at: Vodafone Limited, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN or complete our cancellation form. Print it out and send it to us at the address provided on the form.

Broadband returns

Please get in touch on 08080 034 515, free from all UK landlines and mobiles. We'll need your name, account number, address, telephone number and other personal information.

3. How do I return the Equipment within 14 days? What if I've damaged it?

You'll need to return any Equipment we've supplied you, such as your mobile device, Vodafone Broadband router or accessories. Just pop into your nearest Vodafone store with your Equipment and proof of purchase, and our retail advisers will be able to help you. Unfortunately, you can't take a Broadband router back to any of our stores.

Alternatively, we'll send you a pre-paid envelope which will arrive in two to five days after you've contacted us. You must put all the Equipment that came with your order into the pre-paid envelope and send it back to us. Make sure that all items are protected and boxed securely.

If you choose to return your Equipment via post, a £8.50 administration fee will be charged to your account (this administration fee doesn't apply to Broadband returns via post). There's no charge if you return your order at your nearest Vodafone store

Once we've received and processed your return, we'll then complete your cancellation request and close your account for the Service(s) you've cancelled.

All Equipment must be in a like-new condition (this includes where applicable, the mobile device, charger, headphones, battery, instructions, and other products that came with your order). You must also return any other free or promotional products that you received with your order (for example, free headphones or phone cases) if you cancel within the first 14 days. We'll accept fair wear and tear.

Like-new condition means:

  • The Equipment must be fully functional
  • There must be no damage such as cracks, chips or visible signs of wear and tear that isn't reasonable for the age of the Equipment
  • Mobile devices must have working screens, have no damage and must not be registered as lost or stolen

Check your item is undamaged (this means there are no cracks, chips or visible signs of wear and tear) and in its original packaging (if you have it).

If you return a damaged item to us, you may be charged up to 40% of its value.

4. How do I disable a product's security feature before I return it?

You must remove any security and other protective features that stop us from accessing the Equipment, such as 'Find my phone'.

If an Apple mobile device is running iOS 7 or later, we won't be able to give you a refund unless you've turned off the 'Find my iPhone' feature. If you return a device with the 'Find my iPhone' feature activated, you'll be charged and invoiced for the full amount of the device.

5. What do I have to pay if I cancel within the 14-day returns period?

If you cancel your order before the end of the 14-day returns period and we've started to provide you with any of the Services, you may lose any offers or discounts that may have been applied to other services you've decided to keep. You'll also need to pay for:

  • Any line rental (including extras and/or add-on Services) on a pro rata basis
  • Any use of the Services not covered by the line rental (international calls, roaming, premium rate calls, for example), for the period up to the date your Service(s) is/are disconnected. More information, including how to calculate your early termination fee, is in the charges guide for each Service. You'll also need to pay for any one-off upfront costs for any activation, installation or other Service and maintenance fees you've agreed to, in order to obtain any of the Services. You can find these charges in your order form or charges guide.

If the Equipment was delivered to you, we'll refund the standard postage costs, if applicable.

It's your responsibility to make sure you don't use the Services, once you've told us you want to cancel. If you keep using the Services after you've told us, you'll be charged.

6. What do I have to pay if I cancel after the 14-day returns period?

If you change your mind after the 14-day returns period, you'll need to give us 14 days' notice and pay an early termination fee. More information, including how to calculate your early termination fee, is provided in the charges guide for each Service.

7. Faulty products - what do I do if my Equipment or Service is faulty?

If a fault occurs in the first 14 days after purchase, please get in touch as we'll need to check and test the Equipment for you. If this confirms a fault, we'll contact you to discuss your options – you can have it repaired, replaced or simply return it. If you have an issue with your Broadband router, we'll replace it.

After 14 days, we'll try and repair the Equipment for you. We'll let you know about any charges beforehand. If it's covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you won't be charged for this. If we take your Equipment away for a repair, you may be able to borrow another similar item while you wait for yours to be repaired.

Damage to Equipment isn't covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If it's damaged rather than faulty, we'll let you know how much the repair or replacement will cost.

8. Your rights

Our returns policy won't affect any of your legal rights. For more information on your rights, contact your local Trading Standards department or Citizens Advice Bureau

Updated March 2021