Vodafone Household (existing Pay-monthly customer discounts)

Vodafone Household (existing Pay-monthly customer discounts)

The Discount and Eligibility

  • Vodafone Household is available to Vodafone Pay monthly customers who have at least one line at full price (i.e. not discounted) on at least a 12-month minimum term plan (‘Group Owner’). This applies to handset, SIMO or mobile broadband plans.
  • Vodafone Household is a 15% discount (the ‘Discount’) on the Pay monthly line rental charges on up to 9 additional lines. Those who use these lines will be known as ‘Members’.
  • The Group Owner will need to apply for the Household Discount at point of sale
  • The Group Owner will need to pass our standard credit check to enable the rental of additional lines.

You will be eligible to become a Member if:

  • The line you wish to apply the Discount to is not subject to any other discount, offer or promotion.
  • You are one of up to 9 beneficiaries of the Discount selected by the Group Owner.

Further offers and promotions

  • As a Group Owner you may be eligible for further offers and promotions (‘Flash Sales’). The Flash Sales may take place regularly and Group Owners who are eligible will be notified about the Flash Sales by promotional messages (SMS, Email), unless you’ve told us that you don’t want to receive them. The promotional messages are sent to selected Group Owners, so you could get one at any time.
  • The Flash Sales promotional messages will tell you what the offer is, when the offer expires and what you’ll need to do to redeem it.
  • Together the Discount and the Flash Sales are known as “Household Discounts”.


Cancellation and termination

  • If the Group Owner’s contract is terminated Member lines will no longer be eligible for the Household Discount and will be charged at the standard price, from the date the change in status occurs.
  • If a Group Owner wishes to remove a Member from their group, we will notify the Member and give them the option to become the bill payer on their own account.
  • In the event that ownership of the line with the Household Discount is transferred, the Household Discount will only be maintained if the new owner meets the eligibility criteria to become a Group Owner.


  • Members cannot remove themselves from a group without the Group Owner’s written permission.
  • Should the Group Owner register or cancel a line mid-month we will pro-rate the Household Discount on the Group Owner’s bill. Should the Group Owner default on payment of any bills on their group we reserve the right to suspend each of the lines on the group until we receive payment from the Group Owner in full.
  • Household Discounts may only be used for private, non-commercial use and is subject to the Pay monthly airtime conditions and Charges Guide.
  • Household Discounts cannot be transferred and no cash alternative is available.
  • Vodafone Household is not available to corporate customers.
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