How to call using an Alexa device

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It’s free to connect your number with Alexa

Vodafone OneNumber allows you to use Alexa to make and receive calls using your existing mobile number and allowance, including calls to emergency services and premium rate calls.

Make and receive calls, even if you’re away from your phone

Think of Vodafone OneNumber with Alexa as a voice-activated extension of your mobile phone. You won’t even need to be in the same room as your mobile phone to make calls. Simply tell Alexa who you want to call, such as “Alexa, call mum” and she'll make the call. Even better, when someone calls you, your Alexa device will ring and announce whose calling.

Amazon Alexa integrations

The benefits of using Alexa with Vodafone

Away Mode

Turn on Away Mode to automatically disable calls on all your home devices when you leave your house. How do I set up Away Mode?

International and premium calls

With Vodafone OneNumber with Alexa, you can make and accept all international and premium-rate calls.

Emergency calls

Rest easy knowing you can make emergency calls with just your voice from your Echo devices.

Endless abilities

Alexa can play music, get news and information, control compatible smart home devices, and more.

Set up Vodafone calls with Alexa

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