Around the World Extra

Who's eligible?

Around the World Extras are available to Pay as you go customers on Pay as you go 1, Vodafone Simply and customers on an active Big Value Bundle.

What is Around the World Extra?

Around the World Extra consists of two types of Around the World Extras as below:

  • 8 day Around the World Extra: 100 minutes, 100 SMS, 2GB data. Available for £15.
  • 15 day Around the World Extra: 200 minutes, 200 SMS, 4GB data. Available for £25.

How it works:

  1. A customer can get an Around the World Extra by choosing one of the above Around the World Extra:
    • a. via the My Vodafone App; or
    • b. by texting:
      • WORLDEXTRA8 to 49500 for the 8 day Around the World Extra; or
      • WORLDEXTRA15 to 49500 for the 15 day Around the World Extra.
  2. The Around the World Extra may take up to 24 hours to activate it, however the allowances can only be used in the Eligible Countries (see below for full list of Eligible Countries).
  3. The Around the World Extra will not automatically renew, it is a one off purchase.
  4. The Around the World Extra will expire either after 8 or 15 days (depending on type of Around the World Extra), or when a customer exhausts all allowances.
  5. If the customer wants to purchase another of the same Around the World Extra before the existing one expires, the customer will lose any unused minutes, SMS or data from the previous one (Example - you can't have two 8 day Around the World Extras running at the same time).
  6. Any unused minutes, SMS and data will not carry over when the Around the World Extra expires.
  7. If the customer exceeds the Around the World Extra minutes, SMS or data, any further usage will be charged at the standard roaming price plan rate. Please see the Pay as you go airtime conditions and pricing terms for details.
  8. A customer can check any remaining balance on My Vodafone, or by calling 2345 or 191.

Please be aware:

  1. The minutes and SMS included in a Around the World Extra are for use within the Eligible Country you are currently roaming in and/or to the UK from the same Eligible Country. Calls or SMS to non-Eligible Countries will be charged at Pay as you go's standard roaming price plan rate.
  2. All calls are charged by the minute and will be taken from the Around the World Extra's allowance of minutes. Calls to other numbers including premium rate and non-geographic numbers aren't included.
  3. SMS to premium numbers are not included.
  4. Around the World Extras are for personal, non-commercial use and subject to the Pay as you go Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy both available online.
  5. For more information and charges please visit the travelling abroad web page.
  6. We may vary or amend these terms at any time, but if it's to your disadvantage, we'll notify you.


  1. They must be roaming in any of the 73 Eligible Countries to use the Around the World Extra.

List of Eligible Countries:

Eligible Countries Eligible Countries Eligible Countries
1. Albania
2. Anguilla
3. Antigua and Barbuda
4. Argentina
5. Armenia
6. Australia
7. Bangladesh
8. Bermuda
9. Brazil
10. Cambodia
11. Canada
12. Cayman Islands
13. China
14. Colombia
15. Costa Rica
16. Democratic Republic of Congo
17. Dominica
18. Dominican Republic
19. Ecuador
20. Egypt
21. El Salvador
22. Fiji
23. Georgia
24. Ghana
25. Grenada
26. Guyana
27. Haiti
28. Honduras
29. Hong Kong
30. India
31. Indonesia
32. Israel
33. Jamaica
34. Japan
35. Kazakhstan
36. Lesotho
37. Macedonia
38. Malaysia
39. Mexico
40. Moldova
41. Montenegro
42. Montserrat
43. Morocco
44. Mozambique
45. New Zealand
46. Nicaragua
47. Panama
48. Papua New Guinea
49. Paraguay
50. Peru
51. Philippines
52. Puerto Rico
53. Russia
54. Samoa
55. Serbia
56. Singapore
57. South Africa
58. St Kitts & Nevis
59. St Lucia
60. St Vincent
61. Suriname
62. Taiwan
63. Tanzania
64. Thailand
65. Trinidad and Tobago
66. Turks and Caicos
67. Ukraine
68. United States of America
69. Uruguay
70. US Virgin Islands
71. Vanuatu
72. Vietnam
73. Turkey

Who are we?

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