Mobile Broadband fair use policy

Mobile broadband fair use policy

A small number of users are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on our network, which can impact the service we offer to our other customers. Our fair usage policy is designed to ensure that all of our customers receive a fast and reliable service.

Price plan Fair use policy
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Broadband Business
Mobile Broadband Euro Travel
Mobile Broadband Travel
Mobile Connect Unlimited
Data Unlimited
Mobile Internet 5GB
5GB per month (UK only)
Mobile Broadband 30 day 1GB 1GB per month (UK only)
Mobile Broadband 30 day 3GB 3GB per month (UK only)
Mobile Broadband 24 500MB per 24 hour session (UK only)
Mobile Broadband 10GB 10GB per month (UK only)
Mobile Broadband 20GB 20GB per month (UK only)
Vodafone Broadband Abroad 50MB per 24 hour session (in selected countries only)
Apple iPad 1GB 1GB per month (UK only)
Apple iPad 3GB 3GB per month (UK only)
Apple iPad 5GB 5GB per month (UK only)

The data volumes include both downloaded and uploaded data. A gigabyte is 1024 megabytes (MB).

The majority of our customers will not be impacted by the fair usage policy. However, if you use the following applications you are more likely to break the fair usage policy: peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software, P2P TV, streaming video services or software update services. Many of these applications continue to send and receive data constantly in the background.

Even if you're not downloading a file, these applications may still be transferring data.

If, in Vodafone's reasonable opinion, you are abusing the service in any way, such as exceeding fair use policy, we may ask you to moderate your behaviour - and in extreme cases, we may limit the speed of, or block your access to, data services, or we may disconnect you.