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Check which services will be affected

If you only have one mobile plan with us and you switch to another network, you'll lose the discount on your Home Broadband.

You need to have at least one mobile plan and Home Broadband with us to get the Vodafone Together discount

If you have a multi-SIM device like an Apple Watch that you use with OneNumber, please call us on 191 free from your Vodafone mobile when you switch.

You'll need to attach your multi-SIM devices to another mobile number – check the instructions provided by the manufacturer to find out how. Also, you may need to pay extra leaving costs when you switch.

To learn more, please see our OneNumber page

If you pay for any products using Charge to Bill, these will stop being charged to your monthly bill when you switch network.

You'll need to set them up again with your new provider if you want to keep them.

If you use your PAC or STAC code, you will lose service and data on the device connected to your V by Vodafone account at the end of your billing period. To keep using your device, please re-register your device in the V by Vodafone app

Once you re-register, all your data will be deleted and you'll need to set up your device as new – this will include a credit check.

To learn more, please see our V by Vodafone FAQs

If you have a free entertainment pack with us this will be cancelled when you switch network.

If you're a leader on a Red Sharer account, you'll need to restructure your account. If you don't, your switch and future bills may be impacted.

Before you switch network, give us a call on 191 free from your Vodafone phone.


If you’re on a Device Plan, your phone or watch is paid separately from your Airtime bill. You can switch networks and continue to pay for your device as you do today. If you have insurance on your Device Plan, this will continue to be paid until your Device Plan is paid off.

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