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Final bill more than expected?

If you switch network at least 22 days before your normal billing date that month, you'll get your final bill on your normal billing date.

Any later, and you'll get your final bill 22 days after you switch.

We also bill you after you've used a service.

If you've recently been abroad, it can take us up to two months for us to bill you for roaming charges.

Early termination fee (ETF)

If your contract has ended and you choose to leave, we never charge you an additional fee.

Sometimes, you might choose to leave before your contract is complete, which leaves an outstanding balance owed. This is what we call an early termination fee (ETF).

We'll add this to your final bill.

How to pay

It's important you keep your Direct Debit with us open, as we charge for line rental in advance, so you might get a refund. This also lets us collect any outstanding charges on your account.

Once we've taken our final payment, we'll stop collecting using your Direct Debit.

If you've cancelled your Direct Debit and need to pay a your final bill, you'll need to log in to My Vodafone

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