My Account Controls

It’s time to take control of all your devices

Keeping an eye on how much data the kids are using, or knowing when it’s time to top up the data on your tablet, shouldn’t be a headache. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to keep track of your additional lines and devices.

Opt in to My Account Controls for your additional lines and we’ll let you know by text when they’re running low on data.



How it works

Man sat at table looking at his phone  
Man sat at table looking at his phone

You call the shots. If you’re an account owner and you have any additional lines or devices, then My Account Controls is for you.

As the account owner, you can better control what happens to every device on your account. As soon as you opt in your additional lines to the service, you’ll automatically be notified when these phones or devices are almost out of data. You can choose which users and devices you want to opt in, whether that’s all the devices on your account or just one.

You’ll have the final say on buying additional data and Extras. You can even set caps which can’t be removed, unless you choose to remove them yourself. So there won’t be any nasty surprises when the bill arrives.

Log in to My Vodafone and opt your account users in to My Account Controls.

Log in and take control



Key features

  • Line chart Line chart

    Stay in the know

    With My Account Controls, we’ll automatically send you updates about the data use of your phones or devices. So you’ll know which ones are running out of data and have the option to buy a Data Extra.

  • Desktop or mobile Desktop or mobile

    Control on the go

    My Account Controls is free to use – and easy to use, too. You can manage your settings at any time through My Vodafone online or with the My Vodafone app.

  • Purchase Purchase

    Services and extras

    As the account owner, only you can buy data or Extras for your additional lines. The user of your additional phone or device will receive notifications, but will be advised to talk to you if they want to add anything.

  • Control switches Control switches

    Caps and bars

    If any caps or bars are set on your additional lines, even those you set in the past, they can only be changed by you, and not by the user. We recommend you review the caps and bars you’ve applied to ensure you have the control you expect.


Help and support

Couple sat looking at a tablet  
Couple sat looking at a tablet

Got a question?

If there’s anything about My Account Controls you’re not sure about, you can find the answers in our My Account Controls FAQs

Please note: If you have ever added extra permissions to the users of your additional phones or devices then please ensure you reset these permissions. You should set the permission to ‘Read only’ if you want full restriction of the users on your account after opting them into My Account Controls. This will mean they won’t be able to change their own permissions and they won’t be able to purchase data or Extras, including when the user calls up or visits us in store.

If you’re not sure, or can’t remember if you’ve ever changed permission levels, you can check these by calling 191.