If you have limited dexterity or mobility

Features and apps designed for you

Today’s phones and devices are packed full of useful features to help make life a bit easier.


  • Call someone in your phonebook just by speaking their name with voice-activated dialling
  • Choose a hands-free kit so you won’t need to hold your phone while on a call
  • Keep the phone on your lap or table while you chat by switching on the loudspeaker
  • Keep your phone nearby at all times by using a secure belt holder
  • Give your contacts different ringtones so you’ll know who’s calling
  • Use Vodafone Directory Assistance, just call 118 881 and you’ll be put straight through. Calls cost 80p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.
  • Use predictive text to send messages
  • A full range of apps made for accessibility


There are plenty of apps now available to help with limited dexterity or mobility. Two of our favourites are Wheelmap and Jaccede.

One of the winners of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards 2011, this app helps people with impaired mobility. Crowdsourcing lets you see how other wheelchair users have reviewed and rated accessibility in different public places. You’ll be able to leave your own opinions too.

Last year’s Vodafone Foundation Accessibility Award winner, this app helps you find places that are accessible if you have a disability. Information such as whether there are steps at the entrance or accessibility to toilets can be found along with photos and comments for places around the world.


Our Alcatel 2000 phone is designed to be easy to use if you have limited dexterity, restricted vision or hearing. It has an oversized keypad and sits in its own charging dock so it’s always ready to use. You’ll also be able to set up an SOS button.

Other easy-to-use phones are