Keep your smartphone safe and secure

Vodafone Protect

Vodafone protection

Your smartphone is precious. Keep it safe and secure with Vodafone Protect. Quick and easy to download, this app allows you to find, lock and wipe your phone remotely. For even greater peace of mind, sign up to our advanced version for just £1 a month. This includes antivirus software, call and text filtering, plus app and web protection.

Features & benefits

Vodafone protection app

Vodafone Protect App

Use your computer to lock and wipe your lost or stolen smartphone from afar – the app will even show you where your phone is on a map.

Lock and wipe remotely

Lock and wipe remotely

Protect your personal data, including that on your SD card, by locking and wiping your smartphone remotely.

Find your smartphone

Find your smartphone

If you think the phone is close enough for you to hear it, use the 'Lock & Beep' function to find it fast.

How do I get it?

Vodafone Cloud Google Play


Download the app from Google Play (Android users)

Set up Video

Set up

Check out our video that shows you how to set up Protect

Vodafone protection app

Sign in

Sign in to Vodafone Protect. And keep your smartphone safe

Advanced version features & benefits

For extra peace of mind you can upgrade to the advanced version for just £1 a month. It gives you:

  • Antivirus software powered by McAfee. To guard your phone against nasty viruses, this blocks malware and spyware and auto-scans your downloads.
  • Call & text filtering. Protecting you from unwanted calls - both outgoing and incoming - and texts, this feature allows you to choose which numbers you block.
  • App Protection. Scans new and existing apps to help ensure they are safer and not linked to risky sites. Also removes unsafe apps from your phone.
  • Web protection. This tells you when you are browsing on a risky site.
  • Uninstall Protection: This helps to prevent people from uninstalling the app and accessing your phone without your permission.
  • To upgrade to the Advance version, sign in to the Vodafone Protect portal and then select 'Upgrade now'

Using texts to access Vodafone Protect

If your phone is missing and you can't get on to the website, you can still locate your phone by sending a text to your phone number saying 'Secure locate' followed by your 6 digit Protect PIN. Find out more about Vodafone Protect's text service.