Calling abroad from the UK

Choose one of our great value options and you’ll pay less to share those important moments with friends and family abroad. If you don't call or text abroad that much, you can just pay our standard international charges.

  • I'm on Pay Monthly and want to call and text abroad
    Customer servicesCall 191 free from your Vodafone mobile or 03333 040 191 from any other phone (standard call charges apply).
    Call another country from the UK

    Start with +, followed by the country code you’re calling. So, instead of keying in 01632 960 123, you’d use +44 1632 960123.

    For the codes, check BT’s list for international dialling codes. As this information isn’t provided by us, we can’t take any responsibility for its accuracy.
    To opt in to Vodafone InternationalCall 36888 free from your Vodafone mobile to opt in or call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile to speak to an adviser.


  • Calling abroad from the UK on PAYG

    Call friends abroad for as little as 1.5p a minute with Vodafone International

    Don’t let distance get in the way of a good chat. With Vodafone International on Pay as you go, you’ll pay as little as 1.5p a minute to call landlines and mobile numbers abroad from the UK.

    To opt in, just text INTERNATIONAL to 2345 or call 36888 free from your Vodafone mobile.

    Pay as you go Freebie International Minutes

    Stay in touch with Freebie International Minutes. Top up £10 and you'll get 60 free minutes to call international mobile and landline numbers from the UK for 30 days  - plus 100 Reward Points

    Just call 4351 from your Vodafone Pay 

  • Where can I call with Vodafone International?

    If you’re on Vodafone International, you can make international calls:

    • From the UK
    • To any standard landline or mobile
    • To any destination in the world except the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Cuba

    What's not included on Vodafone International?

    • Calls to premium-rate and non-geographic numbers
    • International calls made abroad (for example, a call from Spain to Germany)
    • Text and picture messages
    • Video calls