Content control

Age-restricted content bar

What is our ‘age-restricted content bar’?

It’s a setting we provide as standard on our network to protect customers under the age of 18 from age-inappropriate content – such as pornography, violence, discrimination, drugs or crime – on mobile devices.

This content bar works on the Vodafone mobile network only. So if your device is connected to the internet over Wi-Fi, adult content may still be available – you can manage this through your broadband provider.

How to manage the bar?

You can manage the bar through My Vodafone on our website. If you’re a Pay monthly customer, you can also manage it in the My Vodafone app.

If you have Vodafone Secure Net you can also manage the bar in your content settings in the Vodafone Secure Net App or the Vodafone Secure Net Portal

For Vodafone Home Broadband, you need to manage your content settings through broadband content controls

You can find out more about content control settings in our FAQs.

The code of practice

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), an independent body appointed by the UK mobile operators, provides the framework for classifying content that is inappropriate for customers under the age of 18.

In January 2004, the UK mobile operators published a code of practice so that we can regulate content on mobile devices ourselves. Ofcom conducted formal reviews in 2009 and 2013, and the third version of the code was published on 1 July 2013. Here is the current code of practice

If you believe a website has been categorised incorrectly and is restricted in error – or should be restricted – please email our team at and they’ll look into it.

Our partners

We work with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the Home Office and Virtual Global Taskforce. We signed an agreement to work with CEOP on increasing child awareness of internet safety.

We were also the first mobile operator to sign up to the Internet Watch Foundation blocking list for illegal sites.

We set our filters based on the framework provided by the BBFC.

Information for parents

If you’d like more support, you can book a session with our in-store Tech Team. Or see our Online Digital Parenting Magazine for useful articles on how to keep your children safe online.