My Vodafone app

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Check and keep track of your usage, and find and connect to BT Wi-fi hotspots, all when you’re out and about.

Vodafone Call+

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Don’t just say it, bring your conversations to life with Vodafone Call+ by making your calls a more personal and interactive experience.  

Vodafone Protect

Vodafone Protect

Keep your phone safe and secure with Vodafone Protect. You can find, lock and even wipe your phone remotely.

Vodafone Wallet

Vodafone Wallet

Store all your payment cards securely in this digital version of your real wallet, and use your smartphone to pay safely.

Our network

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With our increased 4G coverage and generous data allowances you can enjoy more of what you love, faster than ever before.

Great entertainment

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Enjoy live TV and box sets, music or sport from three leading entertainment brands when you choose one of our Red Value Bundles.

Great benefits

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Find out about the great range of services we offer, and how we go the extra mile to make life easy for you.