Same price, more data

Enjoy more data on our £10 and £20 Big Value Bundles and roll over what you don't use. Terms apply

Get more from your phone without feeling tied down

With a Pay as you go plan you can top up your phone with credit and only pay for what you use or convert it to a bundle of data, minutes and texts. So, whether you love streaming music, browsing the internet or just making a call once in a while – we’ve got the perfect Pay as you go plan for you.

More of the good stuff on Pay as you go


Rewards for your loyalty

Earn points every time you top up - and treat yourself to great Rewards.

Top up

Top up your Pay as you go device and earn rewards each time you do.

Worry-free roaming

If you’re jetting off on holiday, use your phone as you do at home in all 48 destinations of our Europe Zone.

Total Rollover

Any unused data, minutes and texts from your 30-day allowance roll over - so you can use them in the next 30-day period.