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Please note, this form is only for use by registered customers, named on the account, who are unable to pass security.
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  1. A valid form of photo ID, such as:
    • Government-issued ID – photocard driving licence, passport, military ID card, biometric residence permit, national identity card. Government ID must be in date with a visible expiry date, and all personal information must match what’s on your Vodafone account. It doesn’t need to be UK-issued
    • UK local authority issued ID – Blue Badge, NEC, council ID card
    • PASS accredited ID – YoungScot, Citizencard, MyID, Post Office PASS Card, IDGO, Totum, OneID4U
    • Independent body ID – student ID (from an accredited college or university), UK police warrant card
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  2. A recent statement from the bank, building society or credit card that’s linked to your Vodafone account. The statement:
    • Must be from the last 90 days
    • Must clearly show the account number/sort code, name and address of bank account owner, and issue date
    • Can be a paper statement, a PDF downloaded from your online banking website, or an uncropped screenshot of an online banking website. We can’t accept app screenshots
    • Doesn’t need to be in your name, but must be the bank account used to pay your Vodafone bill
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Contact details for temporary PIN
Once we've verified your ID we'll then reset your Vodafone security PIN.
We can send you the new PIN by SMS (to your Vodafone mobile number) or email.