Transferring your number and agreement

Use this form to transfer your number and agreement to another person or business.

How long will it take?
  • Two working days to transfer to another person
  • Ten working days to transfer to a business

Before we transfer your account, we need to run an identity and credit check on the new owner.
The new owner will need to register for a new My Vodafone account

We can only transfer your account if:
  • You're not planning to upgrade to a Device Plan. You can upgrade to a new SIM only plan after seven days – to start a new Device Plan you'll need to wait 90 days
  • You've paid off all airtime and device loans in full. If you have any issues, please contact us
  • The person you're transferring to must be aged 18 or over and give permission for both a credit and identity check
This form can't be used for:
  • Moving home and telling us your new address – visit home moves
  • Changing your name – use our name change form
  • VOXI customers – contact VOXI
  • Vodafone Partner customers – contact your partner directly
  • Large businesses – contact your account manager

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I'd like to transfer my: