Travelling and using your phone abroad

Costs while you’re abroad

Planning a trip abroad? We offer 4G roaming in 80 countries – more than any other UK network

Just enter the country you’re travelling to in the search box to see if you can enjoy 4G during your visit, and to find out what you’ll pay while you’re away.


What type of agreement do you have?

Which device will you be using?


Before you travel and when you arrive

Before you go abroad, and once you arrive, there are some important things you’ll need to know.

Watch our video to find out everything you need to know to protect your phone when you're travelling abroad. Before you leave, we recommend that you:

  • Contact customer services to make sure your phone isn’t barred for use abroad
  • Enable data roaming on your phone
  • Set up PINs for your voicemail and phone
  • Set a SIM PIN, which will stop your SIM being used in a different phone
  • Make a note of our lost and stolen 24-hour helpline number - +44 7836 191 191 (international call charges apply). If your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll need to call this number straight away to report it