I need help managing my account

Get support managing your account

We understand there may be times when you need some extra help to manage your account in a way that supports your disability – which is why we offer services to suit you.

Our Protected Service scheme can help you if something unexpected happens, such as having to go to hospital at short notice or if illness is preventing you from making decisions about your account.

We also provide practical advice if you need help to manage your affairs.

If you need help managing your affairs, you can ask somebody you trust to help you. Ask them to read our guidance on power of attorney to understand how we can support you should somebody else need to access information or make decisions on your behalf.

Choosing a friend to manage your account

Under our Protected Service you can choose a trusted friend or family member to do things like paying your bill or contacting us to sort out issues. To set it up, just call us on 0333 304 3222 (standard call charges apply).

The person you choose must agree to this arrangement and understand what it involves. They’ll also need to know that their details will be given to us and that we may contact them about your account in the future.

Paying bills

It’s important that your bills are paid on a regular basis.

If your friend or family member doesn’t pay your bill on time on your behalf, we'll get in touch with you to ask you to remind them. If the bill still hasn’t been paid after 30 days, we'll get in touch with them directly to arrange a payment.

If you can't pay your bill you can agree a payment plan to clear any outstanding amounts by calling us on 0333 304 3222 (standard call charges apply).

Please be aware that you’re ultimately responsible for the payment of your bill, even when you’re using Protected Service. If we do have to arrange a payment plan we may need to downgrade, suspend or stop your services.

Read more information about how we can help if you’re having financial difficulties

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