2017’s plus-sized release was a popular phone in its day, but technology has moved fast in recent years, and its 2019 successor is a completely different proposition.

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max are almost exactly the same size, but iPhone 11 Pro Max’s beautiful OLED display is a full inch bigger than the LCD screen on the older model. This is because iPhone 8 Plus retains the old bezels which take up around 20% of the screen, while iPhone 11 Pro Max makes full use of the face.

iPhone 11 Pro Max is a much faster and powerful phone too – a bigger battery, an extra 1GB of RAM, and a super-quick A13 Bionic processor mean that it will outperform iPhone 8 Plus in any task you set it. The camera has seen a major upgrade as well – iPhone 8 Plus’s capable dual-lens camera has been replaced with a brilliant and versatile triple camera system, with Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto cameras ensuring you get the perfect shot in any conditions.

Add a 12-megapixel selfie camera that takes slo-mo selfies, and 4K video shot using several aspect ratios at once, and iPhone 11 Pro Max is a world away from iPhone 8 Plus.

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