Space Zoom

What is Space Zoom?

Space Zoom is a camera zoom feature on Samsung Galaxy phones.

It lets you zoom in closer on your pictures and see more details from further away, capturing parts of your photo you might have otherwise missed.

Which Samsung Galaxy phones have Space Zoom?

These phones available at Vodafone have Space Zoom:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have 100X Space Zoom, which uses 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and 100x Super Resolution Zoom working together to create a crystal-clear zoomed in image.

How does Space Zoom work?

10x Hybrid Optical Zoom is enabled by a revolutionary folded lens. A high-resolution image sensor powers both 3x and 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom, and camera AI enhances Super Resolution Zoom to let you zoom in close.

How do I use Space Zoom on my Galaxy device?

To use Space Zoom, open the Camera app, find something to zoom in on, and pinch in or swipe on the zoom bar to get a closer look.