We’re building our strongest ever network

The network you can depend on

Our network is now even bigger and better, reaching more people and places than before.

By investing over £1 billion in both our fixed and mobile network, we’re ensuring it’s fit for the future and suitable for the increasing demands of people and businesses – and the everyday services you rely on up and down the country.

Wi-Fi Calling

Connect to our network using Wi-Fi and you can make and receive calls even in places with no mobile signal.

Performance you can rely on

We've brought more coverage to nearly 100 rural communities through our Open Sure Signal programme

We carry over 72 million calls a day on our network. Whether you need more data to stream your favourite movies or just want a better connection to make a call, we’re committed to giving you the best possible service.

Vodafone is:

Providing unbeatable 4G coverage, indoors and out

Providing unbeatable 4G coverage in London

Improving call quality by offering crystal-clear HD Voice calls on our network

Providing network coverage in places where there’s no mobile signal, through Wi-Fi Calling.

How we improve our coverage

We work hard to continuously increase and improve our coverage across the UK. We do it in a variety of ways: physically building new masts that provide coverage to geographical and population areas that we didn’t cover before; deploying new masts in areas we already cover, to increase the capacity of our network; adding more spectrum or new technologies such as 4G to existing masts; and reducing downtime on our network by fixing faults and outages more quickly.

Need some support on your signal?


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Check network status

We're really proud of our network's performance, but we know our signal can sometimes dip or slow down. Chances are, we know all about it and we're already fixing it.

Check your coverage               

UK coverage checker

Find out what the coverage is like in your area and where your nearest Wi-Fi hotspots are. You can see if our unbeatable 4G coverage is available in your area or when it'll arrive.

How we measure our coverage

Find out more about our 4G coverage claim

Coverage was assessed independently by LCC in 41 conurbations between October 2015 and March 2016 against key competitors. Signal thresholds for indoor and outdoor coverage defined by Vodafone based on international standards. Coverage may vary.