iPhone XR vs Galaxy Note9

Which one is best for you?

Released within a few months of each other, these two phones are both squarely aimed at those who like a large-screen mobile experience.

Note9 has the bigger screen – a whopping 6.5 inches compared to 6.1 for iPhone XR – but both are stunning to look at and would be great for watching movies on the fly.

Both have pretty impressive cameras, too, as you’d expect. iPhone XR relies on a single lens but uses the power of its A12 Bionic processor to create that sought-after bokeh effect – where a naturally blurred background makes the subject stand out more sharply in focus. It also has an array of front-facing sensors which can map your face in 3D. This lets you capture stunning portrait shots, unlock your phone with a glance and more.

Galaxy Note9 has a dual-lens main camera – with one set to 2x optical zoom and the other able to adjust according to different light levels. This allows for a natural bokeh effect and lets you zoom in without loss of quality. Both have plenty of features to explore, but what makes Note9 unique is the S-Pen. This has been upgraded since Note8 and now can be used as a remote control – especially handy when used with the camera.

Take a look at our quick guide to help decide which one is right for you.

Name iPhone XR Galaxy Note9
Image note 9
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Display 6.1 inch all-screen LCD 6.4 inch Infinity Display
Size and weight Height: 150.9 mm
Width: 75.7 mm
Depth: 0.33 mm
Weight: 194 grams
Height: 161.9 mm
Width: 76.4 mm
Depth: 8.8 mm
Weight: 201 grams
Rear camera 12 MP 12 MP + 12 MP
Front camera 7 MP 8 MP
Video recording 4K video recording at 24 fps 4K video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps
Processor A12 Bionic chip Exynos 9810
Battery 2942 mAh 4000 mAh
Storage 64 GB
128 GB
256 GB
128 GB
Splash, water and dust resistant Yes Yes
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