Choosing a phone for your child

Deciding on a phone for your child can be a challenge, so we’ve brought together our range of Phone Plans and money saving Airtime options – plus expert advice from the NSPCC – to help you reach the best decision for your child.

Get the best phones for less

Choosing a refurbished phone is kind to your pocket, kinder to the planet – they’re second hand, but still in top working condition.

All our refurbished phones are Vodafone Assured, fully tested, data-wiped, with a 32-point health check and 14-day returns. Plus, they come with our Lifetime Service Promise, including a Lifetime Warranty and Battery Refresh at no extra cost.

Find the right new phone for your child

Our favourite smartphones for kids and teens – with long battery life, great cameras and online safety features. With so many options available, finding the right device for your child can be difficult.

We can help you choose the right phone with the features that are important to you. To make things easier, we’ve put all our advice together in one place. 

Airtime Plans

Already have a phone and want a deal on Airtime? Check out the other ways you can save, using our award-winning network to stay connected.

Additional plans for less

Add an additional plan to your account and manage everything in one place. You can save on your monthly bills with our discounts on additional plans.

Additional plans

Already have a phone to give your child?

If you’ve got a phone for your child, check out our SIM only deals. You can choose a plan that gives them the right allowance of calls, texts, and data.

SIM only deals

Pay as you go bundles

Our Pay as you go plans offer 30-day bundles of data, plus unlimited minutes and texts. You can get a free SIM card and any of our Pay as you go bundles.

Pay as you go bundles

Parental controls and safety settings

We've partnered with online safety experts Digital Awareness UK to create Digital Parenting Pro. This free tool guides you through the parental controls and safety settings on the most popular apps, games and devices.

Watch our video from Digital Awareness UK as they share useful information on parental controls and safety settings.

Vodafone account controls

You can easily keep track of your child’s data usage, set spending limits, and manage age-restricted content settings on their device – all through the My Vodafone app.

Keeping children safe online

Find expert advice on online safety from the NSPCC and check out the latest news on Digital Parenting.

Protect your child's phone

From our inclusive Lifetime Service Promise to optional extras like screen protectors, find out how we can help you protect your child’s new phone.

Lifetime Service Promise

The UK's only Lifetime Service Promise with Lifetime Warranty and Battery Refresh.

Vodafone Insurance

Cover your child’s device for accidental damage and enjoy peace of mind.

Phone accessories

Browse our range of phone cases, chargers, and screen protectors.

Best tablets and smartwatches for kids

We offer a large range of other devices suitable for kids, including tablets and smartwatches.


Tablets can be a great source of learning and entertainment for kids and teens – from playing games online to watching films.


Smartwatches are a great option for a smaller portable device and there are plenty of age-appropriate options for kids and teens.